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"Honoring the human desire for genuine validation with
compassion and  integrity"


Being Mother Earth isn't easy kids, especially when I'm not getting any child support.  My Humanity is a blending of   fractured families, headed by at some point a single female,  sound familiar?  Needless to say,  my stress level is manic because there seems to be no end in sight to this  insanity.  I'm so tired of repeating myself generation after generation only to hear the same systemic rhetoric. So, as my  daughter Big Freedia would boast,  "Girl Down ...You Already Know". 

Being a part of humanity automatically gives you the right to be here because you are.  Although some may not agree, "It's what I said, and YOU DO,  just as you are".


Now protecting your mental health in order to survive should be your #1 priority.  That's why I've asked one of my MANY Angels, Momma CHASE to assist you in times of need.  Believe me,  She Got your Back.

AND now ... for the very last time,  care for each and everyone of my creations with love + respect.  Be willing to help me protect the home I created for us all to co-exist.  This simple request would lessen the burden on my heart and allow me to flourish so I can continue to care  for all of you.

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Retreats available

Tuesday-Friday   9am-5pm

Saturday+Sunday   9am-4pm

Momma CHASE    510  859-7979   

2703 Seventh Street   Berkeley  CA  94710

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